Phone & iPad Holder for Peloton Bike - Watch other content or video chat with friends while riding!

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Use your Peloton Bike with other workout apps, YouTube and other video workouts - or just to live video chat with friends while riding together!

This screen holder hangs easily on the Peloton Bike Screen (NOTE: THIS ONLY FITS THE ORIGINAL PELOTON BIKE FOR NOW) and is adjustable to hold your phone, iPads of all sizes or other flat screens - like Microsoft surface tablets, Chromebooks or other laptops which convert into touch screens that fold over themselves.

The Biking Phone / iPad Holder comes disassembled and can be put together in less than a minute! It has 3 width settings for the supports - 4.25 inches - 5 inches - and 7 inches - which holds everything from a phone in landscape mode to an iPad mini to an 11 inch iPad Pro - and even a 13 inch fold-over laptop in touch screen mode. It comes in different finished plywood finishes - the lighter colored Maple Plywood version is shown in most of the pictures - the Cherry plywood is a darker reddish tone and the Walnut plywood is a darker browner wood grain (coming soon: acrylic colors!)

If you want to switch often between Phone and iPad, order the "2 Extra Supports" version - so you can always be ready for either without re-assembling to the narrower or wider setting (it only takes a minute, but not always what you want to do before working out ;)

If you want to use your Peloton bike with other content, try this Biking Phone/iPad Holder! Use SoulCycle on Peloton - Use Variis on Peloton - Use Instagram workouts on Peloton - Use YouTube workouts on Peloton ! (note - Peloton is a registered trademark of Peloton, Inc - and SoulCycle and Variis are registered trademarks of Equinox, Inc. - probably ;)