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Desktop Stand for Novation Circuit, Circuit Tracks, Mono Station

Regular price $39.99

This angled desktop stand was designed for the new Novation Circuit Tracks, original Novation Circuit and Circuit Mono Station Synthesizer and Sequencers. This stand also fits several different small devices on your desktop to improve visibility and access  - for example the Arturia MicroFreak , Akai MPK Mini midi controller keyboard, Arturia MicroBrute and other similar-sized devices - from 9 to 14 inches wide and 8 to 11 inches deep.

Features include:
- Angled position to make it easier to see and use all the controls and screen
- Pass-through holes on both sides and back and front for organized wire configuration
- Sturdy construction to hold devices that weigh 10 lbs. or more
- Travel-ready and mobile for DJ/performance gigs - breaks down to practically flat and assembles in under a minute.
- Made of strong wood panel - comes in different finishes - looks great in a home or pro studio

I've been using this stand myself for the Novation Circuit, Mono Station and Arturia Microfreak. It was also designed to allow my PC keyboard to fit perfectly in front of the stand - making my studio desktop an awesome workspace! This stand is super sturdy and easily handles devices heavier than the lightweight Micro Freak. Nothing gets in the way of any of the inputs /outputs on the back of the device and nothing gets in the way of the keys in the front of the device while playing.

The stand ships un-assembled but is super easy to assemble - and dis-assemble, so you can take it with you for travel and gigs!