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Building Things to Make Home Studios Better

Collecting Pocket Operators pushed me to create PO Racks from One to Nine

Posted by Jon Rochelle on

...someone asked the fateful question "Do you have a rack that could hold multiple rows of POs - up to NINE of them - in a Euro-rack style?"... within a day... the answer became YES - I built a new 3 by 3 PO Rack, which holds NINE Pocket Operators ;)

You can check out all the racks and stands in that progression in the shop - including the new Fluorescent single, the classic double, the OP-1 Plus 3 PO Combo Rack and the mother of all PO racks, the NINE.

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The OP-Z Stand - assembles in under a minute!

Posted by jonathan rochelle on

The OP-Z from Teenage Engineering is almost perfect -but it gets even better when you have the Desktop Studio Stand from :)

In this video we show how easy it is to assemble!

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