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Microfreak plus OP-1 Stand

Regular price $99.00

One Stand Combines the Arturia MicroFreak and Teenage Engineering OP-1

I designed this stand to combine two great electronic instruments on one rack - making both easily accessible and playable! The Teenage Engineering OP-1 sits high and slightly behind the Arturia Microfreak, so you can easily perform or sequence or design sounds using both simultaneously. Both are angled slightly, at 18 and 36 degrees, respectively, to maximize visibility and playability.

Features of the Microfreak plus OP-1 Stand

This stand was designed very specially for these two instruments. While it is likely that other instruments could fit on the front in place of the Microfreak (less likely true for the top section with the OP-1 fits), it is very specifically designed for these instruments with the following features:

  • Pass-through openings underneath the instrument on the front and back, and on both sides, for cable management and routing.
  • precise placement off the rubber feet under both instruments to hold them against the rack to avoid movement once in place.
  • precise placement of the side stands to avoid conflict with ports and switches.
  • increased angle of the top OP-1 stand to make it easy to see and play.
  • Beautiful wood grain in several finishes
  • simple assembly and disassembly which makes it easy to travel to gigs or studios
  • lightweight
  • strong enough to hold many times more weight than the instruments it was designed for.
  • Enough surface area on both sides for personalized engraving (see sample picture)

The story behind this stand

I call this stand "The Rachel" because it was specifically requested from a great producer and musician, Rachel K Collier. She contacted me to see what was possible - to specifically combine the OP-1 and Microfreak in one stand - and I immediately started designing. I have both instruments, so prototyping was feasible (and fun). I created a design for the side stands which tries to convey the power and beauty of combining these two instruments, and I engraved Rachel's "RKC" logo within that design to show how she is at the center of creating that combined sound.

Personalize it!

You can order the "personalized engraving" version - just make sure you add a comment on your order - or respond to your confirmation email - to tell us what you want engraved on the stand.