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OP-1 Stand with Optional Height Risers

Regular price $39.99

OP1 Stand With Flexible Height Options

This unique stand, specially designed for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer, provides a classic wood synthesizer outer case and offers several configurations to adjust the height of the OP-1 on your desktop. Each "Riser" option provides pass-through space for wires so that it fits behind other devices which need wires to pass under the OP-1.

Classic Synth Stand Configuration

The main stand for the OP-1 is called the "Classic". It provides the classic synth look, with wood sides, and also adds a wood front and back panel which can be optionally custom-engraved (shown with our shop name, it would come BLANK for you unless engraving was requested). The photos also show the Maple wood option.

It angles the OP-1 at approximately 18 degrees to make it easier to see the screen and controls while keeping it low to the desktop so it can be in front of other devices. The OP1 fits perfectly within the stand and easily comes out - it is not secured in the stand to be flipped upside-down but otherwise stays very firmly in place.

OP-1 Medium Height Riser - Three Inches

You normally can't put the OP-1 behind other devices, as it would be hidden, given it's low profile and small size. This medium riser boosts the height of the OP1 in the basic stand by another 3 inches - giving you the option to rise it behind other devices or just to lift it higher to make playing more comfortable in some situations. The riser matches the style of the basic stand so that it looks and feels natural, while also being very sturdy for playing and performing.

OP-1 Tall Height Riser - FIVE Inches

The Tall height riser lifts the OP-1 in the basic stand by 5 inches - making it compatible to be behind even higher devices, and giving a good angle and height for playing, recording and performing! This option provides enough height to be behind other devices which are already on stands themselves or behind larger equipment like a eurorack skiff or large keyboard.

How the OP-1 Height Riser Options work

The optional OP-1 height risers are separate stands which are specifically designed to accept the basic OP-1 Stand on top. You just need to place the basic stand on the top of the riser - where it fits perfectly aligned.  If you order BOTH the 3" and 5" risers, you can only use one at a time, of course, so the kit only comes with the cross braces to assemble one riser at a time. Most people do NOT want both built at the same time anyway, since that takes up un-necessary space, while the disassembled riser is flat and take almost no space at all.

Check out the photos to get a feel for how these OP-1 Stand Risers work and look!


Note that some pictures show the URL engraved on the front or back panel of the classic stand. YOUR stand will NOT come with this engraving - it will come blank... however, if you want custom engraving, please contact us using the Contact Page so we can work out fair pricing and quantities.