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Pocket Operator Double Rack includes Cable - Angled Stand holds any TWO Teenage Engineering PO models - INCLUDES 6" Connector Cable!

Regular price $25.99

This desktop stand was custom made for TWO Pocket Operator (PO) Synthesizer Devices from Teenage Engineering. Each stand holds TWO POs - and fits all PO models with or without the silicon Pro-Case. It holds them at the perfect angle to make it easy to press the buttons, perform and see the screen. One 6-inch connector audio cable is INCLUDED! - to make sure your setup works :)

This rack can be ordered in wood or acrylic.  See the options when purchasing to select the finish you like best!

It comes un-assembled and can be assembled in less than a minute - which makes it easy to un-assemble again to take on trips or gigs - it almost fits in your pocket when un-assembled. When assembled, it measures: 7.25 inches wide - 4.75 inches deep - 2.5 inches high in the back - 1.25 inches high in the front. It has pass-through holes on the sides, back and front for wire management, and has cut-outs for the input and output plugs. The PO Stand fits Pocket Operators with OR without the Official Teenage Engineering Silicon Pro-Cases - as shown in the picture.

NOTE - You can NOT fit two POs connected with the straight connector wires - you MUST HAVE 90 degree connector wires as shown - WHICH IS WHY WE INCLUDE ONE :)

If you prefer the straight wires, or just want more flexibility in positioning the two POs, use TWO single stands as an alternative (listing here:

The Pocket Operator drops easily into place on top of the stand, with no other clips or screws or connectors. The Teenage Engineering Logo shown in the pictures is a registered trademark of Teenage Engineering. Note: the pocket operators shown in the pictures are NOT included ;)