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Pocket Operator Storage Rack holds SIX, EIGHT or TEN Teenage Engineering POs standing up

Regular price $17.99

Pocket Operator Storage and Display Rack

This Pocket Operator stand was custom made up to six Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators (POs) standing up when you're not using them so they take up less space but look great on a shelf or desktop in your home studio.

Each stand holds up to SIX Pocket Operators - and fits all PO models - in a "staning position". This stand works with the PO-32 Tonic, PO-12 Rhythm, PO-24 Office, PO-14, Sub, PO-20 Arcade, PO-33 Speak, PO-28 Robot, PO-16 Factory and PO-137 Rick-n-Morty - and even the new CapCom Pocket Operators - Street Fighter PO-133 and Magaman PO-128.

Works with or without Silicon Cases

The PO Standup Display Stand works with Pocket Operators either in the Silicon Cases or without the silicon cases (naked). It has a special design to allow both configurations of pocket operators to work and stand up at an almost perpindicular angle.

Many Color Variations

This version comes in many colors of wood - such as Cherry, Walnut and Maple, and acrylic, including Clear Acrylic, Fluorescent Acrylic colors, even colors to match the colorful silicon cases offered from Teenage Engineering - like red, for the Street Fighter PO-133 and Blue for the Mega Man PO-128.