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OP-1 Angled Desktop Stand - for Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer / Sequencer Device

Regular price $29.99

This stand is made especially for the Teenage Engineering (tm) OP-1 Synthesizer / Sampler / Sequencer to make the device easier to use and see while creating, performing, or playing.

It is made to fit the OP-1 device perfectly and holds the OP-1 at a great angle to more easily use and see the screen. It is designed to not get in the way at all, but also to look great on your studio desktop (almost making it look like the OP-1 is floating above the desktop ;).

The OP-1 stand is made of finished plywood in several finishes: cherry plywood (darker reddish color), maple plywood (lighter colored) and Walnut plywood (darkish brown wood grain) - all of which give a very elegant look for any home or professional studio.

The stand has some special design features which have been added as practical improvements since I've used this stand myself:

- Angle is very comfortable for playing and recording for HOURS (you know you do it as long as I do ;)

- There are large wire pass-through holes on both sides and back and front

- There are three smaller wire passthrough holes on both side which fit 3mm wires perfectly to hold them more snugly.

- The stand can be assembled and dis-assembled in less than one minute, making the stand VERY PORTABLE and easy to fit in practically any case almost flat (measuring 8.5" x 3" x 1/4" high when disassembled!)

- The stand comes dis-assembled with simple/clear instructions to assemble it in seconds!

Note that this stand works really well alongside the Pocket Operator stands which are also sold in our store if you have both devices.