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Desktop Stand for Organelle Sequencer & Synth (Critter & Guitari)

Regular price $37.99

This is an angled desktop stand for the Critter & Guitari Organelle sequencer - which also works for other long, shallow shaped devices of similar size - 12 - 13 inches wide by 3 - 5 inches deep and 1 - 3 inches high. It was special made for the Organelle dimensions.

Using the stand, your device sits on the stand at an angle toward you, making it easier to see and use, see and play while leaving room in front for other small, flat devices.

The stand ships un-assembled but is super easy to assemble and is incredibly sturdy to hold heavy devices. This also makes it super portable to take your device with stand on the road! It is designed with special stabilizer blocks which hold the parts firmly in place to support weight and avoid twisting. The version in the picture is Maple Plywood - and there are other darker woods available (see other listings if the one you might want is not shown here).