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Teenage Engineering OP-1 plus OP-Z Combo Stands - which do you want on top?

Regular price $44.99

These stands hold BOTH the OP-1 and OP-Z from Teenage Engineering - you just need to decide which one you want on top! (and what material you want, of course ;)

If you're lucky enough (and crazy enough ;) to have BOTH the OP-1 and OP-Z, like me, and skilled enough to use them together (unlike me ;)  you'll love this stand. Even if you just want a well-organized and good looking way to keep and display these beautiful devices on your desktop or shelf when they're not in use, this stand does the job perfectly. 

This stand comes in two flavors - either

  • with the OP-1 in front with the OP-Z at a steeper angle behind it, or,
  • with the OP-Z in front and the OP-1 at a steeper angle behind it.

People have asked for the OP-1 in front so that the piano-like keys are easily accessible for playing - but others have asked that the OP-Z is in front, since those keys (buttons!) require a bit more force. Both are right! ;) since it's a matter of taste and style - so we offer BOTH configurations.  Make sure you choose the configuration you want when you add this to your cart!

When the OP-Z is in front, there is clearance under the OP-1 for the straight wires when plugged into the OpLab. 

There are pass-through holes in the side, back and front for cable management and all the controls and ports can be accessed easily. 

The stand comes un-assembled but can be assembled in a minute (literally), which makes it great for travel and mobility! It is made from 5 main parts with six small "locking pegs" which makes it strong and sturdy enough to hold plenty of load of the devices and your energetic performing :)

If you have other ideas for custom layouts of musical devices on stands - reach out on our contact form!

note: the OP-1, OP-Z and cables in pictures are NOT included ;) - just the stand.