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Desktop Studio Stand for Ableton Push 2 or Push 1, good for studio devices from 12 - 20 inches wide

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This angled desktop stand was designed for the Ableton Push / Push 2 device (which is 15 inches wide and 12 inches deep and 6.6 lbs!) and also fits several different larger devices on your desktop to improve visibility and access.

Features include:

  • Adjustable angle for two different angle positions (18 degrees and 24.5 degrees tilt)
  • Pass-through holes for organized wire configuration
  • Sturdy construction to hold more devices that weight more than 10 lbs.
  • Travel-ready and mobile for DJ/performance gigs
  • Breaks down to practically flat and assembles in 1 minute.
  • Made of strong wood panel
  • Looks great in a home or small studio I've been using this stand now for several weeks with the Ableton Push 2 - with my PC keyboard fitting perfectly in front of the stand - makes my desk an awesome workspace!

    This stand is super sturdy and easily handles the heavy Push 2 device - even while playing hard - and it looks great!

    The Stand has two angled settings:

    • In the standard configuration, the Ableton Push 2 or other device sits on the stand at approximately an 18 degree angle toward you.
    • In the second configuration, the back of the device is angled up further, giving a 24.5 degree angle toward you. See the pictures to get a sense of the two settings.

    Changing configurations takes 30 seconds, and requires a simple movement of the back cross bracket to a different position in the stand. In both configurations, the front top edge of the Ableton Push 2 device sits at approx 2.4 inches above the desk and the back top edge sits at approx 6 inches off the desk.

    I also use this same stand with my Akai MPK 225 Midi Keyboard, which is 18.5" wide and 12" deep - as shown in one of the pictures. While shown in most of the pictures with the Ableton Push 2 controller (musical instrument and recording studio accessory), this also works with the Push 1, very large laptops (over 15 inch screens - where base of laptop must be at least 14" wide), small midi controller keyboards which are 12 - 20 inches wide and up to 15 inches deep, as well as other similar-sized devices.

    The stand is designed with pass-through holes for wires to be neatly organized to either side, front or back. It ships un-assembled but is super easy to assemble and is incredibly sturdy to hold the heavier devices like the Ableton Push or Push 2. It is designed with special stabilizer blocks which hold the parts firmly in place to support heavy devices.

    The versions available are Cherry Plywood, which is darker reddish color,  Maple Plywood, which is a very light colored grain wood, and Walnut Plywood, which is a very dark brownish grain. See the pictures for examples.