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Eurorack Cable Tree

Regular price $39.99

Eurorack Patch Cable Organizer

The Eurorack Cable Tree is great way to organize your pile of patch cables. It is a stand-alone cabe hanger which is 13.5" high and 6.5" wide at the base. It is designed to hold 3.5mm audio cables up to 24" in length (see below for methods of hanging longer cables).

The Cable Tree provides two methods of hanging your wires and cables - either draped over the branches at their midpoint - or hung from one end like traditional cable hangers. When draped over branches at the cable's mid-point, the cable tree can hold up to 24" long cables (12" hanging down on each side of the 13.5" high cable tree). When hung from the ends, it can hold 12" cables from the top branches.

The Cable Tree works great for desktops which don't have a place to mount traditional cable hangers from a wall - and it looks elegant and artistic on your studio desk. I drape my longer cables from the top branches and the shorter ones from lower branches and it works great to make my patch cables quickly accessible and organized!