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Eurorack Modular Skiff Rack - Holds THREE Skiffs 60hp to 84hp

Regular price $99.99

Hold Multiple Modular Skiffs

Rack for THREE 4ms Pod 64x cases

This is a "rack of racks" which was designed to hold THREE Pod 64x Eurorack cases from 4ms Company. It works well for any Eurorack case which is 60hp to 84 hp and 6.25 inches in height (standing up) and 2.25 inches deep (in terms of module depth).

Strong Eurorack Case Holder

It strong yet lightweight, and gives you the flexibility to change your setup case by case (skiff by skiff) so you don't have to take apart whole configurations to swap in a set of modules if they are already organized in 60hp, 64hp or 82hp cases! 

Progressive Angles Improves Your Modular Synthesizer Setup 

Each Tier is at an angle greater than the tier below, giving you that classic Eurorack feel and easy access to all your modules. The top Tier is almost 70 degrees, the middle tier about 40 degrees and the lowest tier about 10 degrees angle.

Easy to Assemble makes it mobile

This rack comes disassembled and assembles in about 1 minute. The design makes it super strong, yet lightweight, so it's great to take on the road or move around your studio.

See the Rack and Assembly Instructions HERE