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Eurorack Module (pre-owned): Ladik C-041 Dual Envelope Generator

Regular price $50.00

This 4hp Dual Envelope Generator from Ladik is a great utility module that has two separate envelopes that can be controlled/used. Each has a Gate input and Envelope output. One button Toggles both between Attack/Decay (AD) and Attack/Release (AR) modes in 4 different combinations (AD+AD, AD+AR, AR+AR, AR+AD) - with separate AR LEDs to indicate the current status.  That same button held flor longer changes the time range used for both channels.


  • 4HP width
  • 1.9" (50mm) depth
  • 25 mA Current
  • Eurorack power cable included


  • This pre-owned module is in very good condition with minor scratches around the screw holes (see pictures)

Full manual can be found here: