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Eurorack Module (pre-owned): Tenderfoot SVF-1 Filter

Regular price $135.00

This pre-owned Tenderfoot SVF-1 Eurorack Filter Module is a very powerful state variable filter with a high degree of physical and CV controls, including a unique "politeness" switch to get those grungy filtered sounds (or not).

Some features:

  • huge Frequecy dial for manual control of cutoff (great for performance)
  • CV controlled cutoff and resonance
  • self-oscillation when the resonance is turned up and has a 1V/octave input for use as a sine wave VCO.
  • Attenuators for input level,  Freq and Resonance
  • resonance circuit includes a Q control, a drive control, (with manual controls/dials of both)
  • resonance also includes a button to press if you're feeling less polite to really  push the resonance beyond its limit and get it sounding dirty! The Q control is also controllable via a CV input jack.
  • All outputs are available simultaneously
    • Low Pass
    • Band Pass
    • High Pass
    • Notch 


  • 8 HP width
  • 53 mA +12V
  • 53 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 21 mm deep