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Fender Stratocaster Plus USA 1988 - Red, Very Good Condition

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Fender Stratocaster Plus USA 1988 Wilkinson Nut Gold/Red Lace Sensor Pickups w/OHSC

Previously played Fender Stratocaster Plus - made in USA 1988 - SSS Pickup configuration with one or two original Gold Lace sensors (one of them is missing the sticker but guitar techs told me you can see it's the same) and one Red Lace Sensor at the bridge - with a rare Wilkinson Nut and locking tuners.  Those original pickups (gold = part number 027666 if you want to look it up) seem to be sought after - and that Wilkinson Nut seems to have been one on the Jeff Beck setup Strats).
Condition for this vintage/age is very good for a 34 year old guitar - and there are some blemishes and condition notes:
- Some dings on the gloss Red body as shown in pictures.
- slightly faded spot on 3rd fret area but only visible not something you can feel to impact playability.
- tiny crack at neck on one side - typical of this model, but very very small as shown in close-up picture
- small dings at top of head stock as shown in pictures
- hard shell case is original with some slight rust on hinges and locking clamps as shown in pictures (and the case generally has a very slight aged smell to it (at least to my sensitive nose ;)
- Wilkinson nut has slight blemish - hard to see in pictures, and I never attempted to polish it out