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Korg Volca Stand - Single

Regular price $24.99

The Korg Volca stand holds any one of the Volca Synthesizer / Sequencer devices at a perfect angle for playing, with a "flip" option for display. It has beautiful wood sides, front and back,  is easy to assemble, requires no screws and comes in a variety of materials. Your Volca unit drops right in, and fits perfectly. This stand is great for playing but it also lets you display the device beautifully when you're not playing it - in two different positions.

This stand comes un assembled - and is super easy to assemble or disassemble so it can travel well - it packs flat and fits easily into small spaces. It takes less than a minute to put it back together - no screws or glues or other fasteners to use! It stays firm using the signature "locking pegs" of many of our designs, which are made from the same material as the stand.

The Korg Volca Drum, Volca Beats, Volca Sample, Volca FM, Volca Keys, Volca Bass - ANY o the Korg Volcas fit great in this stand.

The Volca stand comes in a variety of materials - with the wood options providing that classic desktop synthesizer look. Check out the acrylic options for a more modern, technical look - or something that simply matches the highlights of your studio setup.

The Korg Volca series are incredible instruments that deserves a beautiful stand - and any owner of these awesome little devices deserves a stand that is easy to use, and looks great when playing or resting.