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Niftycase Eurorack Plus Midi Controller Stand

Regular price $59.99

Stand for Cre8audio Niftycase and Arturia Keystep Midi Controller

Perfect companion for the Cre8audio Niftycase and NiftyBundle!

I recently acquired a used Niftycase from Cre8audio with various modules installed - but I didn't actually want another single row 3U case - so I designed this double skiff rack with the Niftycase in mind for the top position! It fitws perfectly - and easily hods the weight of that case filled with modules along with another case below it! The position of the Niftycase is almost upright, making all the modules and even the back ports completely accessible.

Flexible design to hold Arturia Keystep Midi controller with a Eurorack 3U case

Besides holding two Eurorack 3U cases, this stand can also hold one Eurorack 3U case above the Arturia Keystep MIDI controller! Check out the pictures of some of my setups I've tried. It's a perfect match for the two devices!

Say goodbye to installing new cheeks!

Most two-tier eurorack stands require you to install new side cheeks which are meant to replace your current cheeks to provide a single side cheek for both cases. That's not only a hassle, but it then requires you to completely change your set up to be double the size, and no longer flexible. The design of our two-tier stand gives you ther flexibility back to have separate 3u cases that can be mixed and matched on a double-tier stand!

This stand works with 84hp (as shown in pictures), 60hp and 104hp 3u eurorack cases which are up to 3" deep in the main body - and most cheeks can remain on the skiff!

Don't sell-off your single-row 3u cases - keep using them

Eurorack Skiffs - Cases - are great, but once you have more than one, they are much more usable when they are stacked in a double high format. That's why 6u racks - with two rows of 3u modules - are so popular and available. But many of us who start out with Eurorack format modular synthesizers already invested in single row 3u eurorack cases - and we even have more than one or two!

That's the position I was in - so I designed a rack - a stand - to hold TWO 3u eurorack cases, with one above the other. This stand works incredibly well for me, so I'm making it available here for you :)

Features and Specs:

  • Measures 14.5" wide, 9" deep and 8.5" high without any cases on it.
  • Cable pass-through holders on all the cross-supports to help with cable management underneath
  • Designed to have room behind the Arturia Keystep in the back for cables in the back I/O ports
  • side stands are 10.75" apart (wide) and cross-support extend the base support to a full 14.5" wide - to support 60hp, 84hp and 104hp skiffs and cases which have up to 3" depth (NOT counting the side cheeks which normally fit on the sides with no adjustments).
  • Beautiful wood options with cool, proprietary "floating sine wave" design on the sides.
  • Comes un-assembled and assembles in less than a minute
  • VERY sturdy design using a unique wedge model to make the format able to hold much more weight than two full skiffs.
  • Very mobile - since it dis-assembles and assembles in less than a minute! This means that you can carry two or more lighter-weight single row skiffs to parties and gigs and jams rather than a single heavy 6u cases.