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OP-1 plus iPad Stand

Regular price $30.99

Use your OP-1 from Teenage Engineering with your iPad or tablet with this convenient single stand that makes your OP-1 feel like a natural screen-based midi controller, synthesizer, sampler and sequencer along with your iPad.

This stand - made of beautiful, real wood plywood, or modern, colored acrylic - holds your OP-1 firmly at a slight angle that makes it easy to play and perform. It also holds your iPad, Android tablet or even a chromebook that folds over like a tablet or Microsoft Surface tablet. It will hold any device which is at least 8 inches wide or wider, and .45 inches or thinner (up to 11 mm).

The stand is custom designed to fit the OP-1 so that all the buttons are easily accessible for playing, and the feet of the device fit into perfectly aligned indents to help hold the device in place while playing.

The stand comes dis-assembled, and assembles easily with no glue, screws or tools in less than a minute! That means it is also VERY mobile and easy to pack when you go on the road traveling!

We also have a similar stand to use your OP-Z with an iPad or phone - check out that listing if you have the OP-Z (which has a companion iPad/Phone app which is amazing if you have the right setup!).