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OP-Z Classic Stand with Optional Height Riser

Regular price $29.99

OP-Z Stand With Height Riser Option

This unique stand, specially designed for the Teenage Engineering OP-Z Synthesizer, provides a classic wood synthesizer outer case and offers an optional riser to increase the height of the OP-Z on your desktop. The Riser provides pass-through space for wires so that it fits behind other devices which need wires to pass under the OP-Z.

Classic Synth Stand Configuration

The main stand for the OP-Z is called the "Classic". It provides the classic synth look, with wood sides, and also adds a wood front and back panel which can be optionally custom-engraved (shown with our shop name, it would come BLANK for you unless engraving was requested). The photos show the Maple wood option.

It angles the OP-Z at approximately 18 degrees to make it easier to play and control while keeping it low to the desktop so it can be in front of other devices. The OP-Z device fits perfectly within the stand - with all controls and ports on the sides, front and back accessible, and easily comes out - it is not secured in the stand to be flipped upside-down but otherwise stays very firmly in place.

OP-Z Tall Height Riser - SIX Inches

The tall height riser lifts the OP-Z in the basic stand by 6 inches - making it compatible to be behind even higher devices - such as the Ableton Push in the stand we make, and giving a good angle and height for playing, recording and performing! This option provides enough height to be behind other devices which are already on stands themselves or behind larger equipment like a eurorack skiff or large keyboard.

How the OP-Z Height Riser Option works

The optional OP-Z height riser is a separate stand which is specifically designed to accept the classic OP-Z Stand on top. You just need to place the basic stand on the top of the riser - where it fits perfectly aligned.  The disassembled riser stand is flat and take almost no space at all - so you can easily travel to gigs or studios.

Check out the photos to get a feel for how these OP-Z Stand Riser works and looks!