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OP-Z Stand - Classic Wood Synth rack for the Teenage Engineering OP-Z Synthesizer / Sequencer

Regular price $29.99

OP-Z Stand - Classic Wood Synth Version

This desktop stand for the Teenage Engineering (tm) OP-Z Synthesizer & Sequencer gives that traditional wood synth case feel to the miniature OP-Z Synth, Sampler, Sequencer.  It also gives you just the angle and lift you need to make the device easier to use while keeping a low profile. It is almost invisible under your OP-Z. This stand is made to custom fit the OP-Z device perfectly with clear access to all the inputs, outputs and buttons.

Classic Synthesizer Look

The Classic OP-Z synth stand puts beautiful wood grain around all sides of the OP-Z wile still providing access to all the controls and input/output ports. It is even compatible with the OP-Lab module with an opening in the back for all of the I/O Cables. The shape of the side panels gives that classic synth look - almost like a eurorack skiff case.

Great Travel Stand

The stand comes dis-assembled and assembles in about a minute - and you can dis-assemble it to make it easier to travel! It usually fits in the same bag you use to carry your OP-Z!

The stand is made of 3mm thick plywood, which looks great and gives the OP-Z protection around all sides.

Practical Features

There are wire pass-through holes in the front and back and all the ports and controls are accessible. It is even compatible with the OP-lab module whcih has 4 cable ports on the back.
In the stand, the top front of the OP-Z sits approximately 1 inch of the desktop, while the back sits approximately 2 inches off the desktop. measures 9.5 inches wide, 3.25 inches deep, and 2" high (in the back).
This is a great gift for yourself or that special person who has this amazing little musical device!


You can fit a small logo or inscription on the sides , front or back - just ask and we'll do our best to accommodate for a reasonable price!