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Oxi Instruments Oxi One Stand

Regular price $39.99

Oxi One Sequencer Stand

This angled desktop stand was designed for the Oxi Instruments Oxi One Desktop Sequencer device.


  • Pass-through holes for organized wire configuration
  • Holds the Oxi One at an angle to make the screen more readable and the controls more accessible
  • Sturdy construction to hold devices that weight well more than 10 lbs.
  • Travel-ready and mobile for DJ/performance gigs
  • Breaks down to practically flat and assembles in 1 minute.
  • Made of strong wood panel
  • Looks great in a home or small studio

Fits Other Similar Devices

The Oxi One is approximately 14 inches wide and 5 inches deep - and this stand is made to precisely hold that device - but it also fits several other similarly sized devices on your desktop to improve visibility and access. Try it for device from 12 inches to 18 inches wide and 4.5 inches to 7 inches deep.

Great angle

    The Oxi One stand lifts the front edge  of the device by approximately 1.25 inches above the desk and the back top edge by approximately 5 inches. I find the screen of the Oxi One to be SO much easier to see and use at this angle of approximately 18 degrees.

    Manage those Cables

    The stand is designed with pass-through holes for wires to be neatly organized to either side, front or back. The side pass-through holes are large enough to pass cables completely through to/from the Oxi One to other devices on your desktop, hiding them effectively and making everything work better together. The many ports on the back of the Oxi One are completely unobstructed on this stand.

    Hardly visible - the Invisible stand!

    The Oxi One stand fades into the background and is hardly visible from the top - making some call it the "invisible stand" :)

    It doesn't get in the way yet holds the Oxi One Sequencer firmly with a perfect fit.

    Multiple colors and finishes available

    The versions often available are Cherry Plywood, which is a rich reddish color,  Maple Plywood, which is a very light colored grain wood, and Walnut Plywood, which is a very dark brownish grain. See the pictures for examples.