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Phone & iPad Holder for PELOTON TREADMILL - Watch other apps while walking/running!

Regular price $35.99

iPad holder for Peloton Treadmill - Phone holder for Peloton Treadmill

Watch Netflix, Youtube, Instagram, News, even TikTok or TV, and other apps while working out on your Peloton TREADMILL!  This screen stand holds phones, iPads or other tablet devices (or thin fold-over laptops) on your Peloton Treadmill screen. You can walk while watching Netflix, for example, or use other workout apps and trainers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Live, and other apps. You can also use it during meetings to get out of your office chair or to live video chat with friends while walking or running together.

This screen stand is compatible with the large Peloton TREADMILL. This stand is NOT for the Peloton bike, but check out this other listing for the Bike version.

This screen holder hangs easily on the Peloton TREADMILL Screen and is adjustable to hold your phone, iPads of all sizes or other flat screens - like Microsoft surface tablets, Chromebooks or other lightweight laptops which convert into touch screens that fold over themselves.

The Treadmill Phone / iPad Holder comes disassembled and can be put together in less than a minute!

It comes in 2 LENGTHS:

  • Medium:  7.5 inches from top of treadmill screen to bottom of device you're holding. 
  • Long:  10 inches from top of treadmill screen to bottom of device you're holding. (the top of the treadmill screen is so high, some people like to get their device hanging a bit lower).

Both versions have 3 width settings for the supports - 4.25 inches - 5 inches - and 7 inches - which holds everything from a phone in landscape mode to an iPad mini to an 11 inch iPad Pro - and even a 13 inch fold-over laptop in touch screen mode. It comes in different finished plywood finishes - the lighter colored Maple Plywood version is shown in most of the pictures - the Cherry plywood is a darker reddish tone and the Walnut plywood is a darker browner wood grain (coming soon: acrylic colors!)

If you want to use your Peloton TREADMILL with other content, try this Treadmill Phone/iPad Holder! Watch your favorite shows to take away the monotony of walking or running on the treadmill - or better yet, walk or run on the treadmill to take away from the monotony of watching your favorite shows - or attending your work meetings :)

(note: some of the pictures show the similar holder from the Peloton Bike as the products are similar except for the fit on the screen top and the length)