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Pocket Operator Stand - Single - Acrylic colors - for all Teenage Engineering PO models

Regular price $18.99

This desktop stand was custom made for the Pocket Operator (PO) Synthesizer Devices from Teenage Engineering. This version is a special edition in Fluorescent Acrylic colors!

Each stand holds ONE Pocket Operator - and fits all PO models - holding it at the perfect angle to make it easy to press the buttons, perform and see the screen.This stand works with the PO-32 Tonic, PO-12 Rhythm, PO-24 Office, PO-14, Sub, PO-20 Arcade, PO-33 Speak, PO-28 Robot, PO-16 Factory and PO-137 Rick-n-Morty - and even the new CapCom Pocket Operators!

This version comes in many colors of acrylic, including Fluorescent colors which really show off in a home studio! See the options when purchasing to select the finish you like best: Each color has it's own character and they all make a statement - cool, modern, practically lit up :) - and some match well with the Pocket Operator which use that color (hint hint on the Street Fighter PO-133 Red and Mega Man PO-128 Blue)

It comes un-assembled and can be assembled in less than a minute - which makes it easy to take on trips or gigs since it fits in your pocket when un-assembled (just like the Pocket Operator!).

It has pass-through holes on the sides, back and front for wire management, and has cut-outs for the input and output plugs. The PO Stand fits Pocket Operators with OR without the Official Teenage Engineering Silicon Pro-Cases - as shown in the picture. The fit with the case is firm - and without the case there are about 1.5mm of space on either side. The PO drops easily into place on top of the stand, with no other clips or screws or connectors. The Teenage Engineering Logo shown in the pictures is a registered trademark of Teenage Engineering and can be excluded if you desire as an option when ordering.

NOTE: Of course, this listing is only for the STAND - the other items in the picture (PO, Case, etc) are not included ;) - but you can look at our listings under "Bundles" for those items!