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Synthstrom Deluge Sequencer, Sampler, Synthesizer, Groove box - used - great condition

Regular price $850.00

This is a Synthstrom Deluge - upgraded to current 4.01 firmware - Drum machine, Groove box, Synthesizer, Sequencer, Sampler. This is by far my favorite sequencing machine which lets me create grooves standalone as one box studio - even runs on rechargeable battery and powers/recharges via USB cable (included) (or power brick, not included). Everything loads and saves to SD Card (included).

The device is incredibly clean and in excellent shape. The only potential flaw is the center selection knob every so often doesn't respond to a "fine click" and it needs another click... so for example, turning the knob 10 clicks to the right, might only change the counter (whatever you're adjusting) 9 clicks... never an issue for me, but want to be totally transparent that this might indicate that potentiometer might one day need to be replaced.  Note that Synthstrom recently announced they would be offering an upgrade to the old display screen to a more detailed high-res OLED screen - and this machine should be upgradeable.

Purchase includes:

  • Synthstrom Deluge
  • 32 Gb SD Card with firmware 4.01 and Manual PDF, and all factory synths, samples and kits as provided on Synthstrom website.
  • USB Cable
  • Original Box