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The Best OP-1 Stand for Playing and Displaying - what makes it the best?

Posted by Jon Rochelle on

Best Stand for OP-1 from Teenage Engineering

Features of the Best OP-1 Stand

  • Holds the OP-1 at an angle comfortable for playing (we like approximately 18-20 degrees)
  • Pass-through holes on all sides for cables
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble with no tools or screws
  • Lightweight and packs flat for travel
  • Strong when assembled to hold the OP-1
  • A perfect fit for the OP-1
  • BONUS: Flips for more vertical shelf displaying of the OP-1 !

Best OP-1 Stand for Playing

The OP-1 Synthesizer, Sampler, Sequencer from Teenage Engineering is an amazing little device. Little, but POWERFUL. It does so much, and can be used for so many individual music creation jobs, or for the whole process from sampling and sound creation to almost full production. 

When I got my device, I found that while it was fun to use it on my lap, and totally feasible to use it on the desk top, I wanted it to be angled so I could see the screen better. I also wanted it raised a bit.

Best OP-1 Stand in Walnut Plywood for the OP-1 Synthesizer, Sequencer, Sampler from Teenage Engineering

I designed the Best OP-1 Stand for that need - to hold the OP-1 a bit above the top of my desk and at a slight angle toward me. I also tried to make the stand look great - because the OP-1 is such a beautiful device, it deserved a stand that would emphasize its design - staying mostly out of the way, but adding to the overall aesthetic.

The OP-1 Stand also has cable pass-through holes on all sides, making it easy to connect to other devices, audio systems, headphones, power or computers.

I love using the Best OP-1 Stand - and have used it for playing 90% of the time (when I'm not cross-legged on the floor in front of a fireplace with the OP-1 in my lap)

Best OP-1 Stand for Displaying Too!

I designed the Best OP-1 Stand so that it holds the OP-1 snugly, but is easy to drop the OP-1 in, and remove it without any force. But I also wanted to make it versatile for displaying the OP-1 at a stronger upright angle when I'm not playing it - since I love the look of the device on my shelf. 

To achieve that dual purpose design, I made the back angle 90-degrees so that the OP-1 stand could be flipped on it's back-side, turned-around to face the room, and the OP-1 could fit snugly upright at that inverted angle - which I think is approximately 72 degrees (the difference between the 18 degree playing angle and 90 degrees).

Below is a quick video of the transition from playing position to displaying position - takes about 20 seconds ;)

If you're looking for a versatile, nice-looking, easy to assemble, mobile, discreet OP-1 stand, try the OP-1 stand I designed, available at in various wood finishes and acrylics!

If you have any devices you'd like a stand for, please let us know by using the Contact Us page! I love doing custom designs and often provide a discount if the custom design can become a listed product that others may love!