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OP-1 Plus Three Pocket Operator Combo Rack / Stand - Make the most of your Teenage Engineering Devices

Regular price $48.99

OP-1 plus 3 Pocket Operators - Desktop Stand

Keep your OP-1 and THREE Pocket Operators from Teenage Engineering well organized, connected, easily visible, and looking awesome on this combination rack which holds all FOUR devices!  This classic-synth styled stand makes it easier to play multiple devices together and keeps them looking great in your studio, on your desktop - or on a display shelf when you can stop playing them ;)

This stand has wire pass-through holes on both sides, under the OP-1 and in the back and front to make it versatile for all kinds of setups. It is made from several types of beautiful wood-grain plywood, which are strong, lightweight, and looks classic. You can choose which wood you prefer when ordering - and we usually stock several wood styles. The photos on this listing are mostly the Sapele Plywood - which is a rich, reddish color wood grain, similar to Mahogany, which is quite consistent on both sides. There are some rare occasions where I can make Fluorescnt Acrylic Blue or Green versions too... keep an eye out for those (sign up for notifications on our Contact Page - to be notified when we stock special editions!)

More about device compatibility and fit:

The rack holds ONE OP-1 and up to THREE Pocket Operator devices - with enough room between them to use 90-degree angled audio cables (note the straight cables sold by Teenage Engineering do NOT fit on this rack). Shown in the picture is the 90-degree audio cables (not included).

This rack fits any of the Pocket Operators, including PO-32 Tonic, PO-12 Rhythm, PO-24 Office, PO-14 Sub, PO-20 Arcade, PO-33 Speak, PO-28 Robot, PO-16 Factory and PO-137 Rick-n-Morty... and of course, it fits the OP-1 quite perfectly (and the feet of the OP-1 fit into small notches which helps to keep it from moving around).

Pocket Operators fit on this rack WITH OR WITHOUT the silicon case installed - and you can mix-n-match if you have some POs with a case and some without. Note that the fit is more snug WITH the silicon case, and there is a bit of wiggle room without the case. The Pocket Operators, and the OP-1, are not held down with any clips or fasteners, they simply rest into well-fit notches in the wood. The top of the Pocket Operators fit with the gap between the audio ports and the battery over the 3mm width wood cross brace. 

The rack assembles easily in just a minute or so, is lightweight but very strong and sturdy, making it mobile and easy to take with you when traveling. 

If you're looking for the  fluorescent OP-1 rack  or the classic wood OP-1 Rack or racks and stands for more Pocket Operator devices - take a look around our shop and see all the options!

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