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Collecting Pocket Operators pushed me to create PO Racks from One to Nine

Posted by Jon Rochelle on

Like most people who love synthesizers and sequencers - or even just starting to love them - I started my Pocket Operator (from Teenage Engineering) "collection" with just ONE PO. The PO-35 (Speak) was my first. I loved the device - still do - but I didn't love the little wire stand thing that slightly angled it on my desktop. I wanted more of a proper stand - to raise it a bit, hold it firmly, and angle it toward me. 

first version of the Single PO Stand

Like most times in my recent life when I face a problem that requires a physical solution - I set out to MAKE a proper, simple stand for my one lonely Pocket Operator. In the first version, I was obsessed for some reason with finding a way to "clip it in" so it is held down firmly in the rack/stand. That resulted in a design which was cool, but a little over engineered... I mean, sure, if I was in a tornado or on a capsizing boat, it would come in handy... but otherwise, I realized, the PO could just sit ON the stand in a stable way and that would be fine!

This set me up to design something more classic looking - with proper side wood and something that perhaps could grow as my collection grew. And that's what happened. I went from one PO to two (the PO-33 K.O. was my next), to three... And in that time, I created a single and double PO stand - using both to suffice for holding all THREE POs I now owned. 

Then..... someone contacted me after seeing my listings for those early stands and asked the fateful question "Do you have a rack that could hold multiple rows of POs - up to NINE of them - in a Euro-rack style?"....

The answer at that time was NO.... but within a day... the answer not only became YES - I also went out and built my collection of POs to give justice to the new 3 by 3 PO Rack, which holds NINE Pocket Operators ;)


Check out all the different racks in that progression - and many more - in the shop - including the Fluorescent single, the classic double, the OP-1 Plus 3 PO Combo Rack and the mother of all PO racks, the NINE.